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Faculty or senior research staff members must get use/purchasing approval before buying Schedule II-V controlled substances for research under Stanford University’s Institutional Registration. 

For use/purchasing approval, submit the following forms to us: 

* For Schedule II requests, submit a separate Form 1a because Schedule II Controlled Substances and Schedule III-V must be kept separate.

  • SU Controlled Substance Authorized Researcher Application (Form 2) ­

Personnel must be fairly assessed on the likelihood of committing a drug security breach. Those convicted of a felony involving controlled substances, who have been denied Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) registration, or have had their registration revoked, will not receive authorization to access controlled substances—in accordance with Section 21 CFR 1301.90. The DEA receives access to the names of new authorized researchers for criminal history screening.

The form details the employee’s/student’s responsibility to:

  • Take the online Controlled Substances Training
  • Receive health and safety training on the hazards of working with controlled substances from his/her supervisor
  • Follow listed work practices as detailed in the user’s guide and written program

After approval of Form 1a and Form 2, we work with the authorized researchers to ensure laboratory security, storage, training, and record-keeping requirements are met.