A. All Hazardous Chemicals

A chemical inventory must be maintained for all chemicals stored in the laboratory as required by the California Health and Safety Code - Sec. 25506. This is done via the web-based ChemTracker application. Each laboratory must update their chemical inventory at a minimum of every 12 months.

Additional benefits for maintaining an up-to-date inventory include:

  • Ability to identify unneeded materials that can be culled from laboratory storage, reducing overall chemical laboratory risks.
  • Can better rely on the inventory to find needed materials, possibly avoiding unnecessary redundant purchases.
  • Reduce compliance risks pertaining to the County’s hazardous materials storage and reporting requirements.
  • Aid in identification of the relative hazards of the chemicals in the inventory.

B. Select Agent Toxins

PI/Laboratory Supervisors working with Select Agent Toxins must ensure that permissible amounts are not exceeded by promptly updating Chemtracker after every container of Select Agent Toxin is acquired, depleted, or inactivated. For more information, refer to the Requirements for Possession of Permissible Amounts of Select Agent Toxins at Stanford University.

C. Controlled Substances

PI/Laboratory Supervisors enrolled under the institutional DEA Controlled Substance Program must also maintain a continuous usage log using SU’s Controlled Substance Usage Log.