The PI/Lab Supervisor is responsible for providing written SOPs relevant to health and safety for laboratory activities he/she directs involving hazardous chemicals. Laboratory personnel working autonomously or performing independent research are responsible for developing SOPs appropriate for their own work.

Prioritizing SOP Development

Priority for SOP development should be given to any operation involving Restricted Chemicals, certain higher risk chemicals, such as Particularly Hazardous Substances and highly reactive chemicals, and specified higher risk research procedures described in this Chemical Hygiene Plan.

Developing SOPs

Prioritize SOPs to generate

Consult with PI/Laboratory Supervisor on the above guidance.

Create SOPs

Click the “Add New SOP” button in the SOP section to create your own SOP. General use SOPs for the major classes of hazardous chemicals are available for you to duplicate and edit, or incorporate into your own SOPs, as appropriate:

Maintain SOPs

Maintain a copy that is physically or electronically accessible to all lab members.

Revise SOPs

Consult with the PI/Laboratory Supervisor on a timeframe for re-evaluating and revising SOPs to ensure they reflects current best practices.