A. Laboratory personnel should consult with PI / Laboratory Supervisors on the following higher-risk chemical usage and operations in their laboratories, so that special safety precautions can be taken where appropriate:

  1. Work involving Particularly Hazardous Substances or highly reactive materials.
  2. A procedural change that significantly increases the overall hazard of an existing procedure, such as introduction of a high hazard chemical in a procedure, or scale-up of an experimental procedure or operation. Careful consideration of scaled-up work is critical to plan for the effects caused by an increase in chemical concentration/quantity and differences in dissolution rate and heat transfer.
  3. Unattended operations that represent significant likelihood of fire, explosion, or exposure to personnel if a malfunction were to occur (such as a utility outage, runaway reaction, broken container, or chemical spill).
  4. Working alone in the laboratory.
    • Each case should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis to determine if working alone will be permitted, considering:
      • Task and hazards involved in the work.
      • Consequences resulting from a worst-case scenario.
      • The possibility of an accident or incident that would prevent the laboratory personnel from calling for help.
      • The laboratory personnel’s training and experience.
      • The laboratory personnel’s physical conditions or handicaps [consult with local Human Resources Officer for guidance and compliance with Americans with Disability Act (ADA)].
      • Time the work is to be conducted (during normal business hours, i.e., 7 am – 8 pm Monday through Friday) versus at night or on weekends/holidays.

B. In establishing special precautions for Particularly Hazardous Substances, consideration shall be given to the following, where appropriate:

  1. Establishment of a designated area
  2. Use of containment devices such as fume hoods or glove boxes
  3. Procedures for safe removal of contaminated waste
  4. Decontamination procedures