For work directed by a PI / Laboratory Supervisor, PI / Laboratory Supervisors must provide laboratory personnel with information and training at the time of initial assignment to the laboratory, and prior to assignments involving new exposure situations, work with Particularly Hazardous Substances, or other hazardous operations.

A. Types of Training

Laboratory personnel must receive general and laboratory-specific training as follows:

General Training

PI / Laboratory Supervisors must provide laboratory personnel with orientation to and training on the CHP. This is accomplished via the following training, which laboratory personnel must take (available on-line or in class):

  • General Safety & Emergency Preparedness (EHS-4200)
  • Chemical Safety for Laboratories (EHS-1900)

Laboratory personnel must take other trainings, as appropriate. For example:

  • Computer Workstation Ergonomics (EHS-3400)
  • Compressed Gas Safety (EHS-2200)
  • Laboratory Ergonomics (call EH&S at 723-0448)

For online classes, register in STARS via the Axess Portal at using the training tab. For live classes, call (650) 723-0448.

Laboratory-Specific Training

Laboratory-specific training is to be provided by the PI / Laboratory Supervisor or his/her designee, addressing the specific chemical hazards present and emergency procedures specific to the laboratory. Also, any lab-owned equipment may require specialized training to prevent equipment damage. This can be achieved via a combination of the following:

  • Review of any individual Laboratory Safety Plan.
  • Review of local/building safety information.
  • Review of Standard Operating Procedure(s) involving hazardous chemicals.
  • Other laboratory-specific training on particular safety procedures or hazards encountered in the laboratory environment.

Use this template for creating a lab-specific training program for guidance.

B. Recordkeeping of Safety Training

All health and safety training records are to be maintained by the PI / Laboratory Supervisor or designee for at least one year.