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SU-17 Incident Investigation – Tips for Supervisors

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Last updated: April 14, 2023
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  1. Purpose of an incident investigation

An incident investigation systematically identifies event details and causal factors to determine corrective actions that prevent incident recurrence. At Stanford University, an SU17 incident investigation must be completed for the following:

  • Reported workplace injury/illness
  • “Close call” safety-related incidents – events that could have resulted in an injury/illness (e.g. chemical spills, fires, equipment left running, water leaks around electrical equipment, slip/trip/fall hazards not marked).
  1. Who investigates workplace incidents?

Supervisors must investigate any workplace incident involving their staff and follow-up with corrective measures (per SU Injury and Illness Prevention Program). For additional assistance/consultation, supervisors can contact EH&S at 723-0448.

  1. How are the incident investigation and follow-up corrective measures documented?

Incident investigations and follow-up efforts are to be documented using the SU17 Incident Investigation Report (

  1. How soon must the SU17 incident investigation form be completed and submitted?

The SU17 form should be completed and submitted as soon as possible, at minimum within 24 hours of the incident. Email to with “SECURE:” in the subject line.

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