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Ideas for EH&S Areas of Focus in 2020

This is an opportunity to help us prioritize our development efforts relating to EH&S service, support or initiative development in 2020.

The OKR process is used to set objectives and key results for the EH&S Department for the upcoming year to create alignment, set the cadence for our organization and identify collaboration opportunities with our university partners. In 2019 our focus included:

  • SIF (Serious Injury and Fatality)
  • Plan Review
  • Training
  • Employee Morale

Ideas to consider

  • Impact EH&S has on you and your group
  • University Long Range planning,
  • Areas of change or improvement based on program priorities outlined in the 2017-2020 EH&S Strategic Plan in the areas of:
    • Research & Academic Support
    • Emergency Management and Continuity Planning
    • Injury Prevention & Loss Reduction
    • Business Process Improvement & Data Management
    • Communications & Outreach

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