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About the Stanford University Flu Program

In a campus-wide effort to promote wellness and prevent the flu, the following departments collaborate to administer the annual flu program:

Stanford University Occupational Health Center, Vaden Health Center, SLAC Occupational Health Center, School of Medicine, Flu Crew Student Organization, Stanford Hospital & Clinics Occupational Health Services, Health Improvement Program, BeWell, University Communications, University Human Resources, University Benefits, and Event Services Group.

For further information, please contact:

Students: Vaden Health Center, 650-498-2336

University Employees: Stanford University Occupational Health Center, 650-725-5308

Hospital Employees:  Stanford Hospital & Clinics Occupational Health Services, 650-723-5922

SLAC Employees: SLAC Occupational Health Center, 650-926-2281

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