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Healthcare Workers

Participation in the flu vaccination program is mandatory in the state of California.

All Stanford University employees who are healthcare workers and provide direct patient care at SHC or LPCH must comply with Hospital and County policy.  Employees who decline to receive a flu shot must complete the online Health Stream Influenza Refusal Module, which includes the refusal form at the end of the module.  (After logging in using your HealthStream ID, search under category for ‘Refusal Forms’ and enroll in the course for flu).

Stanford University physicians with an SHC/LPCH ID badge may receive flu vaccination at any of the campus or hospital flu clinic sites.  If you receive your flu vaccination at a location outside of an SHC/LPCH flu clinic, including at a Stanford University-sponsored flu clinic, you will need to submit proof of vaccination:

Medical staff: Please see this webpage managed by SHC Occupational Health (3-5922). If your flu vaccination was provided outside of SHC, including at a Stanford University campus flu vaccination event such as listed in the Events Calendar section, you will need to email proof of an vaccination received, by attaching it in an email to

Masking will be required from November 1 through March 31 for any employee or caregiver in Santa Clara County who declines influenza vaccination.

All other hospital employees/staff:  You may submit proof of non-SHC vaccination via fax (1-650-618-8661) or by email attachment to

For more information, including further notation of where to email/fax proof of vaccination, please visit the SHC Occupational Health Services Webpage.

**Medical Staff members who are not vaccinated or provide proof of exemption will be subject to administrative suspension of privileges and EPIC access beginning November 1**

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