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Health Physics

The Health Physics (HP) group develops and administers the institutional radiation safety, laser safety, and electromagnetic safety programs. The goal of the radiation safety program is to ensure that radiation dose from ionizing radiation to workers, members of the public, and the environment are as low as reasonably achievable (ALARA) below the limits established by regulatory agencies. The goal of the laser safety program and electromagnetic safety program are to ensure the safe-use of these non-ionizing radiation producing devices. These safety programs also ensure that individual users conduct their work in accordance with university, state, and federal requirements.

For more information please visit the Radiation Safety Pagethe Laser Safety Page, or the Electric, Magnetic, and Electromagnetic Field Safety Page.

Health Physics Staff

Lance Phillips

Assistant Director, RSO, Radiation Research and Clinical Safety Programs

Harrison Agordzo

Health Physicist


Soheil Damavandi

Health Physicist

Debra Jackson

Health Physics Technician

Stanford Profiles

(510) 332-1818

John Kwofie

Health Physics Manager

(650) 736-9869

Chiara LeVin

Administrative Associate

(650) 723-3202

Jia Wang, Ph.D., DABR

Medical/Radiation Physicist

Stanford Profiles

(650) 725-0458

Vani Yadav

Medical Radiation Physicist

Stanford Profiles

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