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Radiation Safety

The radiation safety program, which is managed by the Health Physics (HP) group, facilitates the safe use of ionizing radiation and radiation producing devices to protect its users and the public. These radiochemicals and devices are used in research and clinical settings, such as when conducting research in a laboratory or providing treatment to patients. Radiation safety also includes authorizing permits (Controlled Radiation Authorization – CRA) for radiation use, authorizing permits (Controlled Machine Authorization – CMA) for x-ray device use, providing appropriate training for users, monitoring exposure to radiation, and safe disposal of radioactive waste.

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NEW Radiation Labs/Clinics

  1. For unsealed radioactive material: Application for Controlled Radiation Authorization (CRA)
  2. Complete the Radio Chemical Protocols Worksheet
  3. For X-ray devices: see Controlled Machine Authorization (CMA)

NEW Radiation Users

  1. Please complete and fax to Health Physics (650-723-0632) a Statement of Training and Experience.  Health Physics will assess your experience handling radioactive material and determine whether Radiation Safety Training and/or Examination will be needed.
  2. After satisfying the Radiation Safety Training requirement, on-the-job training (OJT) is still required in your lab/clinic with proper documentation on your On the Job Training Form and filed in your Radioisotope Journal.

Controlled Radiation Authorization (CRA) Maintenance

  1. All CRAs are required to complete monthly Radiation Surveys.
  2. Please enter survey confirmation on the SWEEPS Website after completion of survey.
  3. Radioactive Material Waste Pick-up Request.

Dosimetry Information

Please read the Dosimetry Information Sheet to determine your dosimetry needs. Please also see the forms below:

  1. Radiation Dosimetry Service Request
  2. Lost Dosimeter Report
  3. Declaration of Pregnancy Form

Radiation Safety Guides and Manuals

  1. Radiation Safety Manual
  2. Radiation Protection Guidance for Hospital Staff
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