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Worksheet for Radiochemical Protocols

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Last updated: December 6, 2017
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The Principal Investigator (PI) for each radiochemical protocol must complete the “Worksheet for Radiochemical Protocols” under a proposed Controlled Radiation Authorization (CRA). The worksheet helps identify hazardous or regulated chemicals, operations, and waste streams that may pose safety problems or unanticipated expenses to the University. You must get approval from the CRA and appropriate Local Control Committee for the generation of mixed radioactive and hazardous chemical waste, overseen by the Administrative Panel on Radiological Safety (APRS).

Submit the completed worksheet, with attached abstract or experimental protocol, with the Application for a Controlled Radiation Authorization (CRA). When amending an existing, approved CRA, you can fax the worksheet and attachments to Health Physics at (650) 723-0632.

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