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Laboratory Safety

The Laboratory Safety Program provides targeted health and safety services to support Stanford’s academic and research laboratories. Collectively, the team includes individuals with previous experience as scientific researchers as well as safety and regulatory expertise. The group provides specialized laboratory safety consultations on chemical and physical hazards, as well as guidance to laboratories so they can meet their regulatory compliance requirements. Specific program services may include:

  • Safety consultation and review of chemical and physical research processes
  • Review of safety procedures for work with highly toxic materials (e.g., toxic gases, select agent toxins, etc.)
  • Review of chemical usage with research animals
  • Providing specialized training on chemical and physical hazards
  • Training on EH&S systems such as BioRAFT, ChemTracker 4, and Wastetag
  • DEA controlled substance or precursor authorizations
  • Consultations on laboratory start-up, moves, and decommissioning
  • Incident or accident investigation and follow-up
  • Coordination with outside agencies regarding regulatory inspections

Additionally, because most laboratories on campus work with chemical and physical hazards, the group may serve as an initial point of contact for individuals seeking consultations regarding biosafety and biosecurity, hazardous waste management, radiation safety, laser safety, and occupational health and travel medicine.

Laboratory Safety Staff

Susan E. Vleck, PhD, RBP(ABSA)

Assistant Director of the Laboratory Safety Program

Stanford Profiles

(650) 724-7818

Debbie Amoroso

Hazardous Materials Management Coordinator

(650) 723-0593

April Casper

Research Safety Management Systems and Assurance Officer

Stanford Profiles

(650) 723-7488

Jennifer Mattler Guzman

Industrial Hygienist/Chemical Hygiene Officer

Stuti Munshi

Research Safety Specialist

Stanford Profiles

(650) 723-4272

Nick Pak

Research Safety Specialist

Stanford Profiles

(650) 497-1523

Jack Reidy

Research Safety Specialist

Stanford Profiles

(650) 497-7614

Katrina Shao

Research Safety Specialist

(650) 725-6693

Julie Wang

Controlled Substances Program Coordinator

(650) 725-7521

Nancy J. Young

Research Safety Specialist

(650) 725-9597

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