Stanford University

Field Research Safety

Field research is integral to many of the research and academic programs at Stanford. Your field activities may be for the day or for extended lengths of time and may take you to urban or to wildland environments, a few miles from your office or across the globe.

Like working in a laboratory, field research has certain hazards associated with it. The dynamic nature of field environments may present risks due to your research activities as well as from the physical, political, social, cultural, or economic environment of the location you are working. Much of the risk can be greatly reduced through planning, awareness of potential hazards, following best practices, and exercising good judgement.

Stanford has a wide variety of resources to help you in preparing for your field research. EH&S is available to assist in determining your field safety needs (e.g., training, planning, permits and approvals, travel medicine) and identifying what campus resources are available to you. Contact EH&S at or 650-723-9667.

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