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Radioactive Material Waste Disposal

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Last updated: November 9, 2022


Radioactive material waste includes any items containing measurable radioactivity. Radioactivity is measurable when it is above background levels while using an instrument that is sensitive for the nuclide, set on its most sensitive scale, and where no shielding is being used.

  • Dispose of dry wastes such as gloves, paper, and glassware in dry waste boxes, which we will provide. Do not put any sharps, liquids, capped vials, lead shields, animal carcasses, bedding, or scat into these containers.
  • You may dispose of some liquid wastes in a designated radioactive waste sink with adequate flushing, under certain provisions. Reference the Radionuclide Data Sheets in the Radiation Safety Manual.
  • Discard sharps (e.g., pipettes, syringes, needles, broken glass, razor blades, and scalpel blades) in sharps containers, which we will provide.

Before disposing of any liquid wastes, please contact us at (650) 723-3201.

If you need a waste container or have a full receptacle that needs to be picked up, please fill out the Radioactive Waste Pickup Request Form.

If you have any other questions regarding radioactive waste pickup, please contact us at (650) 723-3765.

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