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Incident Report (eSU-17)

Stanford is committed to keeping a safe environment for their employees, students and visitors.

Incidents involving injury/illness or close-call events must be reported here within 24 hours of occurrence.  This reporting helps identify possible hazards and opportunities to improve our future safety.

IMPORTANT! Any work-connected event resulting in an employee’s death, amputation, loss of an eye, any serious degree of permanent disfigurement, or possible inpatient hospitalization shall be reported immediately to EH&S at 650-725-9999.

Report an Incident (Injury, Illness, or Close Call Event)


When to report:  Any incident (illness/injury or close call) that occurs on campus to a University employee, student, visitor, or contractor must be reported promptly, but no later than 24 hours afterwards.
  • Incidents that occur at the National Accelerator Laboratory (SLAC) must be reported to the SLAC Medical Department.
For anonymous reporting (not for injuries), contact the Ethics and Compliance Helpline. Who can report:
  • Employees or their supervisor.
  • Non-employees (i.e., students, visitors, contractors) or an associated Stanford representative.
Where does this report go? The Incident Report is sent to the responsible University supervisor/manager, Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S), and Risk Management to take any necessary corrective measures towards addressing associated safety issue(s). Individuals listed in the employee and supervisor email fields automatically receive a copy of the submitted information. Additionally, the reporting party can download the report after submission. The reported information is kept confidential and only shared with those University units managing the relevant safety risks and regulatory compliance. What happens next? The responsible supervisor is prompted to complete incident follow-up/analysis to take necessary corrective measures towards addressing any associated safety issue(s). When the supervisor completes their follow-up report, the employee will receive an email containing the information from the follow-up report. EH&S may follow up with the person(s) involved and their supervisor to gather additional information and support local safety improvement. Need assistance completing the on-line eSU-17? E-mail us at
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