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Last updated: January 22, 2020
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How to Use

Faculty or Protocol Director must get use/purchasing approval before buying Schedule II-V controlled substances for research under SU’s Institutional Registration.
To enroll in the CS Program, submit the following forms to us:

  1. SU Controlled Substance Purchase Request Application (Form 1a) -¬ List the controlled substances requested, names of authorized researchers, and provide proof of legitimate research use via approval from one of the following:
    • Administrative Panel for Laboratory Animal Care (APLAC) for animal research
    • Institutional Review Board (IRB) for human subjects related research
    • The applicant’s department chairperson (if the applicant is the department chairperson or higher, the applicant’s supervisor must get approval)

    For Schedule II requests, submit a separate Form 1a because Schedule II Controlled Substances and Schedule III-V must be kept separate.

    After submission of Form 1a, it will be sent directly to the PI or Protocol Director for certification. After the PI or Protocol Director certifies the form, the form will be sent to EH&S for processing. Each submitter will receive an email detailing the progress of the submission, along with a copy of their submission. Please keep a look out for any emails from the SU Controlled Substances Program with SECURE: in the subject line.

  2. SU Controlled Substance Authorized Researcher Application (Form 2) Form 2 will be sent directly to EH&S for processing after submitting.
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