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CSP Form 1b – SU Controlled Substance Re-ordering Request

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Last updated: December 11, 2019
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How to Use

When reordering controlled substances within two years of the original use/purchase approval, submit this form to us. After submission of Form 1b, it will be sent directly to the PI or Protocol Director for certification. After the PI or Protocol Director certifies the form, the form will be sent to EH&S for processing. Each submitter will receive an email detailing the progress of the submission, along with a copy of their submission. Please keep a look out for any emails from the SU Controlled Substances Program with SECURE: in the subject line.

EH&S generally purchases the controlled substance from a pre-selected vendor. If the submitter requests to use a specific supplier, EH&S will try to do so and follow up if we cannot. EH&S will use a journal transfer to charge the submitter’s PTA for the controlled substance.

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