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Disclosure of Potential Hazards in Laboratories

Last updated: December 6, 2017
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Summary: Non-laboratory personnel and contractors may be required to work in the laboratory environment. Potential laboratory hazards should be minimized to provide a safe environment for repairs and renovations.
What to do? How to do this?
For routine maintenance work:
  1. Stanford University facilities staff will need access to your laboratory on occasion to change light bulbs, check the performance of laboratory fume hoods, conduct plumbing work, etc.
  2. Ensure laboratory areas are safe for general personnel entry (i.e., chemical safely stored away, suspension of lab processes having the potential to pose hazards to visitors).
  3. Facilities staff must wear the appropriate personal protective equipment for the laboratory conditions present.
For laboratory renovations: If your laboratory is being renovated, work with your University project manager. Disclose potential chemical hazards that the contractor may encounter and requirements for special access areas (e.g., animal facilities, clean rooms).
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