In the event of a major emergency affecting the entire university, the University Emergency Operations Center (EOC) will be activated. The EOC will work closely with each of the local Department Operation Centers (DOC) in responding to and recovering from a major emergency. The local DOCs will then communicate with the departments under their control.

Now is the time to become familiar with the designated Emergency Assembly Point (EAP) for your local area, in the event that a building evacuation becomes necessary. The resource section of this guide contains a link to all university EAP sites as well as links to other valuable information.

In the event of an emergency closure please call your local contact or hotline for information on the operating status of your local business unit. If you do not know your local contact or hotline number, ask your supervisor for the information, print the next section of this manual and write down the number.
For campus emergency information:

  1. Register your personal contact information in StanfordYou for use by the AlertSU system.
  2. Go to the Stanford University Emergency Information website at
  3. Call (650) 725-5555, the Stanford Emergency Information Hotline.
  4. Listen to KZSU 90.1 FM.

For area emergency information, follow reports on “Emergency Alert System” radio (e.g., KCBS 740 AM) and television news broadcasts.

The Stanford University Emergency Response Guide for Faculty and Staff has been coordinated with all applicable departments and approved by the Environmental Health and Safety Department. Feedback may be sent to