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Seismic Mitigation Guidance

Last updated: August 19, 2021
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Last updated: August 19, 2021

Seismic Mitigation Guidance

1Typical Bracing Details

1.1D4 Gas Cylinder Restraint (Single Cylinder)

1.2D5 Gas Cylinder Corral (Multiple Cylinders)

1.3D6 Individual Tank (10"-12" diameter)

1.4D7 Low Profile Tank

1.5D8 Large Tank

1.6Universal Restraining Bar

1.7D10 Wheeled Tank (Metal Stud Wall)

1.8D11 Wheeled Tank (Concrete Wall)

1.9D12 Residential Style Refrigerator

1.10D13 Large Refrigerator/Freezer/Incubator

1.11D17 Bookcases (Floor to Floor Restraints)

1.12D18 Bookcases (Floor to Ceiling Restraints)

1.13D19 Bookshelves/Cabinets (Adjacent to Walls)

1.14D20 Benchtop Heavy Equipment

1.15D21 Benchtop Heavy Equipment (at Wall)

1.16D22 Benchtop Heavy Equipment

1.17D23 Computer Monitor (at wall)

1.18D24 Typical Restraint Types (at walls)

1.19D25 Typical Restraint Types (at Walls)

1.20D26 Typical Restraint Types (at Walls)

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