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High Heat Work Advisory

Updated: August 15th, 2019

Dear Members of the Campus Community,

As you undoubtedly know, high temperatures are forecasted for today in the Bay Area.

We greatly appreciate your patience with the challenges of working during these uncomfortable times. Here is additional information to the campus community about the situation.

Because of these conditions, managers should encourage precautionary measures and have discussions with employees.

Managers are responsible to ensure workplace safety as well as to meet our community’s diverse operational needs, so having discussions with your staff about alternatives, such as working from a cooler location nearby, telecommuting, flexible work schedules, or, if necessary, other options is appropriate during times of excessive heat.

Employees with certain medical conditions should check with their personal physician to get a recommendation related to working during a heat wave. Staff who are unable to work would use accrued paid time off to continue to be paid.

Information was sent from the Occupational Safety & Health Program in April to supervisors in areas where employees primarily work outside, with guidelines related to the expected summer heat. Outdoor workers may wish to review the Environmental Health & Safety Heat Illness Prevention information to stay informed and take precautions. Indoor workers may review the General Workplace Heat Illness Prevention information page.

Please take care of your personal health and stay alert to the needs of those around you.

Staying hydrated is particularly important during a heat wave. Drink plenty of water during the day, and look out for each other by encouraging your colleagues to drink extra water, too. Wearing cotton clothing can also increase your comfort during excessive heat.

We will update you with any changes.

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