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Battery Recycling Locations in Student Housing

As part of its overall Environmental Stewardship outreach efforts, EH&S provides a comprehensive “Battery Recycling Program” for the campus community. EH&S’ goal with the program is to ensure that used household batteries (AA, AAA, C, D, 9 volt and rechargeables) are collected throughout campus and recycled responsibly. Batteries can be placed in EH&S-provided accumulation containers, located in common areas such as copy rooms, lobbies or break rooms. There are a number of drop off locations in student housing where batteries can be recycled; see the map below for all the locations. If you need other locations in student housing, please see the map of Battery Recycling Locations on Campus.

For issues related to Student Housing Battery Recycling Locations, please contact Michelle Decker. To request a battery recepticle and/or to get more information about EH&S’ Battery Recycling Program, please contact Chris Craig at (650) 723-0654 or

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