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Obtaining Surplus Chemicals

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Last updated: April 18, 2023


EH&S maintains an inventory of surplus chemicals that are available to the Stanford research community, free of charge. The Surplus Chemical Program is an integral part of the University’s waste minimization efforts. It helps researchers improve the environment and save costs by reducing the volume of chemicals that are purchased and disposed of as waste.

Instructions for obtaining surplus chemicals

  1. Access the EH&S Surplus Chemical Inventory. The inventory will be displayed on the left side of the form, in alphabetical order.
  2. Identify any specific chemicals you are interested in obtaining.
  3. Email the following information to
    • Your name and lab number
    • The item(s) you would like to receive
    • The quantity of the item(s) needed
  4. If available, the items will be delivered to your lab within one week.
  5. Upon receipt, add the items to your laboratory inventory.

We take steps to ensure that the items in the Surplus Chemical Inventory are of good quality. If an item is not acceptable to you, please email to have it picked up.

If you have surplus chemicals to donate, please see the Donating Surplus Chemicals service.

Participant testimonials:

“I have been using Stanford’s Surplus Chemical Program for almost two years, and I found it an extremely valuable resource for researchers working in the biological lab. It not only permits saving costs for commonly used, day-to-day lab chemicals, it also contributes to reduce wastage of resources. As a staff member of a shared facility I found their website easy to navigate and their personnel, Heather in particular, always happy to give a hand. Thanks for supporting the Surplus Chemical Program!”
~Daniel Fernandez, Li Lab, ChEM-H Institute

“As a graduate student, the Surplus Program has provided me with many free and new chemicals over the past five years. This program has saved our lab hundreds of dollars while cutting down on chemical waste. I think the surplus program is a great way to reduce the number of chemicals that would otherwise go to waste at Stanford.”
~Chemistry graduate student, Karunadasa Lab

“The Surplus Chemical Program is convenient and helps us save research expenses. The chemical inventory is well organized and the process of request and delivery is easy and quick. We also obtain the Surplus Chemicals when the items we purchase are in need but back ordered. We are happy with the quality of items we obtained.”
~ Euna Yoo, Postdoctoral Scholar, Pathology

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