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Waste Determination


The Environmental Protection Program (EPP) can provide assistance to faculty, students, and staff to determine how to properly dispose of potentially hazardous materials. EPP staff will evaluate materials based on chemical and physical properties (e.g. toxicity, flammability, pH, and corrosivity), as well as environmental regulatory concerns.

All chemical wastes from laboratories are presumed to be regulated hazardous wastes, unless EH&S has demonstrated that they are both non-hazardous and appropriate for drain or trash disposal.

EH&S maintains a list of specific chemical wastes that are not regulated hazardous wastes.

If your waste is on the list, you may dispose of it as directed. If it is not on the list but you believe it may be non-hazardous, EH&S can perform a waste determination (a literature search, potentially followed by chemical analysis) to see if drain or trash disposal is appropriate. For a waste determination, contact EH&S at (650) 723-5069 or

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