Stanford University

Forklift Safety

Stanford aims to minimize hazards associated with forklifts through the use of protective devices, pre-use inspections, safe operating procedures, and employee training and certification. Employees that are required to operate forklifts, walk behind lifts, and telehandlers must complete training once every one to three years based on the department.

This section applies to Stanford University employees who work with forklifts and other powered or non-powered industrial trucks or lifts, or are responsible for their operations. These requirements do not apply to compressed air or nonflammable compressed gas operated industrial trucks, farm vehicles, or vehicles intended primarily for earthmoving or over-the-road hauling.

The section provides guidance on:

  • Cal/OSHA operating rules for industrial trucks (for local supervisors)
  • Daily pre-operational check document (for local supervisors)
  • Assisting local supervisors with appropriate forklift selection
  • Ensuring program elements are up to date, per Cal/OSHA requirements
  • Forklift safety training (Powerpoint and video)
  • Hands-on forklift certification
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