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Medical Surveillance

Medical surveillance is the process of evaluating the health of employees, as it relates to potential exposure to hazardous agents. EH&S determines which job classifications require surveillance. Inclusion in the medical surveillance program is based on industrial hygiene and safety surveys, in which exposures to various stressors were evaluated.

According to Cal/OSHA standards, if an employee is exposed to a certain action level for a specific frequency of time, medical surveillance procedures are triggered. Within laboratory-scale operations conducted at Stanford, this rarely happens.

What to do? How to do this?
Determine if laboratory personnel require medical surveillance Some laboratory activities that might trigger medical surveillance include:

  • Work with laboratory animals
  • Use of a respirator
  • Work with lasers
  • Work with bloodborne pathogens
  • Work with carcinogens
  • Work with noise-producing equipment that exceeds 85 dBA as an 8 hr-time weighted average

Contact EH&S’s OH&S Program at (650) 723-0448 to determine if inclusion in the medical surveillance program is required.

Set up a medical surveillance appointment
  1. Call the SU Occupational Health Center at x5-5308 to arrange for a medical appointment.
  2. Return for any follow-up examinations or vaccinations, as directed by the medical provider.
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