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Mitigation Programs

ProtectSU focuses on reducing losses from damage or destruction of equipment in the event of an earthquake.

The ProtectSU Seismic Restraint Program is a University-supported program that shares the cost of restraining high-value laboratory equipment (defined as any piece of equipment with an original purchase price of at least $20,000). It only provided for high-value equipment not required to be restrained by code.

ProtectSU provides assistance via the ProtectSU Program Coordinator, who will oversee installation of equipment restraints through an outside vendor. To ensure that seismic restraints are maintained, ProtectSU makes it easy to order seismic restraint materials and provides do-it-yourself (DIY) instructions. ProtectSU will also coordinate with construction project managers to install universal restraint bars (URB) on benchtops during laboratory renovation or new construction.

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