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Controlled Radiation Authorization

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Last updated: December 19, 2019
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A Controlled Radiation Authorization (CRA) lets laboratories order unsealed radioactive material for their research. A CRA application and Worksheet for Chemical Protocols details how the radioactive material will be used and must be submitted to Health Physics. Health Physics and the Radiation Safety Committee will review your application and protocols.

To receive a CRA, the Principal Investigator (PI) must submit a CRA application and get approval from the appropriate local control committee (LCC) or the Administrative Panel on Radiological Safety (APRS). Specify all radioactive materials and submit the completed CRA Application to Health Physics via fax, email, or mail.

A health physicist will visit before preparing a Hazards Evaluation, which the radiation safety officer (RSO) or designate countersigns and returns to the PI. All affected project staff must review and sign the Hazards Evaluation before it is filed in the Radioisotope Journal. The new CRA will be audited a year after initial authorization. Following one-year renewal, projects are usually given a two‐year renewal if they do not involve human subjects, and have very good safety and compliance records.

For assistance, or if you have special circumstances, please call (650) 723-3201.

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