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Laboratory Animal Occupational Health Program Questionnaire

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Last updated: April 14, 2023
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Submit an LAOHP Health Questionnaire to the Stanford University Occupational Health Center (SUOHC) if you are faculty, staff, visiting scholar, or student that:

  • Work directly with, or in close proximity to, vertebrate animals
  • Work directly with unfixed animal tissues or body fluids, including NHP cell lines
  • Work in animal housing areas
  • Work in the vicinity of such animals and have health or safety concerns, including animal allergy

Requirements for enrollment in the LAOHP depend upon an individual’s level of potential risk as identified during the Administrative Panel on Laboratory Animal Care risk assessment and protocol review process.

Please follow the directions below to complete your LAOHP questionnaire:

  1. Sign into your Stanford University employee health portal using your SUNET ID and password
  2. Click on the ‘Message Center’ (or the red bell icon) and complete the LAOHP questionnaire.

This questionnaire, along with any related occupational health information, is considered confidential.  After your LAOHP questionnaire is reviewed, SUOHC will inform you if additional screening or testing is needed.

Please note: You must complete all required LAOHP activities, including the above questionnaire, in order to be cleared for work under all APLAC Risk Category 1 (RC1) protocols.


We have included some frequently asked questions below. Please feel free to contact us at 650.725.5308 with any additional questions.

I just received an email notification regarding the LAOHP questionnaire.  I do not remember receiving this email before. Is my research or work clearance at risk?

The LAOHP questionnaire has recently transitioned to an online format, and reminder emails are now active.  Depending on the nature of your work, completion of the LAOHP questionnaire may be required annually.  Please complete the questionnaire, and contact us directly with questions or concerns.

My work is purely administrative without animal or tissue sample contact. What should I do?

Please complete the questionnaire and indicate this on the submitted form.

I cannot access the online questionnaire. What should I do?

Please contact us with any questions.  You may also click on this link to access and download a PDF version of the LAOHP questionnaire.  Following completion, please fax the questionnaire to the SUOHC at 650.725.9218.  You may also mail the questionnaire to the following address:

Laboratory Animal Occupational Health Program
c/o EH&S, Stanford University Occupational Health Center
480 Oak Road, Stanford, CA 94305
MC: 8007

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