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Report of Incident Involving Recombinant DNA

Last updated: December 7, 2017
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To comply with National Institutes of Health (NIH) regulations, the Stanford University Biosafety Office helps employees report possible laboratory exposures, spills, and other incidents1 to the NIH Office of Biotechnology Activities (OBA). If an incident (sharps injury, splash, spill, unauthorized work, etc.) occurs, the Principal Investigator (PI) must:

  1. Report the incident within 24 hours by phone to (650) 725-1473 or email ( to Stanford University Biosafety
  2. Submit additional information to Biosafety using this form within 10 working days of the initial incident

Complete and submit the form below, or fax a copy to (650) 725-3468. Biosafety uses the information provided to submit a final report to NIH.

Exposure/Incident Reporting (rDNA or Biohazard)

  1The NIH Guidelines for Research Involving Recombinant DNA Molecules (NIH Guidelines) states that you must report “any significant problems, violations of the NIH Guidelines, or any significant research-related accidents and illnesses” to NIH Office of Biotechnology Activities (OBA) within 30 days. You must report certain types of incidents quicker than this. Immediately report to NIH OBA spills or accidents in Biosafety Level 2 (BL2) laboratories that cause an overt exposure and in high containment (Biosafety Level (BL3) or Biosafety Level (BL4)) laboratories that cause an overt or possible exposure.


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