Stanford University

Culture of Safety Video Series

At Stanford University our institutional leaders in research play a critical role in supporting the value and importance of safety in laboratory research. Stanford’s Provost Persis Drell, and Dean of Research Ann Arvin describe the importance and value of safety in academic research at Stanford University.

Our Principal Investigators (PIs) of research laboratories have been identified as the single most important element for developing and sustaining a strong, proactive laboratory safety culture in academic research laboratories. The PIs must clearly communicate and reinforce to everyone within their research groups that safety within their research laboratory is a core value and top priority. This begins by defining roles, responsibilities, authority, and accountability for the safety of researchers within their laboratories. We are actively working every day to grow and reinforce awareness of safety issues on campus. These videos listed below are the first in a series that addresses key drivers of safety culture at Stanford. Enjoy!

Please click here to view two discussion guides we have created to accompany conversation around the culture of safety videos, designed for PI’s, supervisors, senior lab leaders, as well as laboratory researchers.

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