Stanford University

EH&S 2017-2020 Strategic Plan Released

As a global leader in education, research, and program development, Stanford University has embraced its role in not only mastering current technologies and bodies of knowledge, but in seeking better solutions, expanding what is possible, and training the next generation of thought leaders, whatever the field may be. As a service department supporting this mission, Environmental Health & Safety has adopted the same intellectual curiosity and commitment to excellence for which our academic departments are so renowned.

While it is important to maintain the current high level of health, safety, and environmental activities across the university—activities which have placed us among the leaders in the field—it is not enough to be generally very good at ensuring the wellbeing of our campus community. We need to continue to look for opportunities to improve, shine a light on our strengths and weaknesses, and address any gaps in our knowledge or in the application of established best practices

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