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Biological and rDNA Evaluations

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Last updated: September 26, 2017


The Biosafety program oversees the use of recombinant and synthetic nucleic acid molecules. This includes:

  • Recombinant and synthetic nucleic acid molecules
  • Transgenic animals
  • Transgenic plants
  • Human gene transfer or studies using recombinant DNA
  • Synthetic nucleic acid molecules

If you are using recombinant and synthetic nucleic acid molecules, you must contact Biosafety at (650) 725-1473 or to determine if your work requires approval from the Administrative Panel on Biosafety (APB). You may also be directed to Biosafety if your Institutional Review Board (IRB) or Administrative Panel on Laboratory Animal Care (APLAC) protocol indicates a need for APB review.

If you are unsure whether your work needs APB approval (or must follow other guidelines), it requires an evaluation.

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