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Chemical Inventory Analysis Work Request

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Last updated: September 26, 2017


The Stanford University Fire Marshal’s Office (SUFMO) will conduct chemical inventory analysis, as requested, to ensure that the quantities of hazardous materials in each control area are within maximum allowable quantities (MAQ). This is required during the feasibility and programming phases of new laboratory building capital projects and during the design phase of laboratory renovation projects.

In addition to maintaining the MAQ, this analysis determines the number of control areas required for new lab buildings to meet the programming needs of researchers. This analysis also determines the occupancy types within the laboratory building and the associated specific engineering controls, as required by the California Fire Code. All jurisdictions require a chemical inventory analysis as part of the building permit process for both new laboratory construction projects and renovations.

To request a chemical inventory analysis, request the service above, then fill out and submit the form. The turnaround time for reports is approximately three weeks for standard lab renovations. However, reports for new lab buildings will take much longer, since multiple iterations are usually required.

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