Stanford University

Inspection Station – Delivery and Shipment Point for All Radioactive Material at SU and VAPAHCS


If you are shipping radioactive material for clinical or research applications to another location, or having radioactive material shipped to Stanford, it must be done through our Health Physics inspection station. This is regulated by the state, and violations put our radioactive material license at risk of being revoked.

Please include your Controlled Radiation Authorization (CRA) number in the shipping address so that we may determine which of our authorized groups should receive the package. All radioactive shipments coming to Stanford must be addressed to:

Health Physics Inspection Station (include CRA number here)
Stanford Medical Center Receiving
820 Quarry Road, Room H0321
Palo Alto, CA 94304

If you are shipping radioactive material off campus, please call (650) 723-5857 before proceeding.

If someone accidentally ships a package containing radioactive material directly to your group, please contact Health Physics at (650) 723-3201 before opening it. We will inspect it, put it into our inventory, then release it to your group.

To request this service, please contact Health Physics at (650) 723-3201.

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