Stanford University

Safety Review of Projects

Safety Data Sheet Review

Contractor shall submit, for review and approval by the University, product Safety Data Sheets (SDSs). EH&S can provide these reviews upon request. Reviews are required:

  • Prior to construction for projects that will require large-scale use of potentially toxic or odor-producing products (e.g. roofing material, paint, epoxy, etc.) or projects conducted in close proximity to occupied areas
  • During construction for large-scale use of new, potentially toxic or odor-producing products introduced at the project site
  • For any product that, when used, will generate a hazardous waste (e.g. paint strippers, degreasers, etc.)

The University reserves the right to require the substitution of toxic or odor-producing products with similar products of lesser toxicity or volatility.

Injury and Illness Program document review

At the project site, Contractor shall have a written Injury and Illness Prevention Program available for the University to review.

Lead Work Plan

If Contractor’s work requires stripping, hand demolition, abrasive blasting, or other means of lead-containing surface coating removal, Contractor shall submit a Lead Work Plan to the University for review and approval that includes a description of the removal method, SDS for all chemical stripping agents, and a description of the control measures that will be used to protect Contractor employees, other individuals in the vicinity of the work, and the environment.

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