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Slip, Trip, Fall Inspection Form

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Last updated: December 6, 2017
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This sample inspection form helps building and zone managers identify and eliminate slip, trip, and fall hazards found in common/shared areas. Conduct inspections for slip, trip, and fall hazards:

  • At least annually, ideally prior to the wet season
  • Before, during, and/or after construction and renovation activities, in situations where building occupants and the general public may be affected

For high-risk areas, perform a formal inspection at least on a quarterly basis, and more frequently depending on the likelihood for changing conditions. For common areas within the building, the building manager must conduct inspections.

During the inspection, evaluate of the following (at the very minimum):

  • Condition of floors, carpets, and steps
  • Floor maintenance protocol
  • Housekeeping practices
  • Lighting levels
  • Presence and condition of guardrails/handrails at elevated work surfaces. Refer to Design Guidelines for specific requirements.
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