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Chemical Waste Pickup

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Last updated: April 1, 2019


You can request pickup of chemical waste or unneeded reagent containers online. EH&S has separate request systems for research or laboratory-generated wastes and non-research or non-laboratory wastes.

Environmental Protection Programs (EPP) is required to bill disposal and disposal labor charges for non-research wastes. As such, the non-research pickup request form requires a PTA number. To request a pickup of non-research waste, go to the online system.

Laboratory generated chemical waste pickup requests can be processed via two different websites:

  • The waste tag program is the preferred method for requesting pickup of chemical wastes. You must create an online waste tag when the waste is first generated. The waste tag program includes features that enhance compliance and improve tracking.
  • The waste pickup program can be used for disposal of reagent chemicals, as well as wastes generated by personnel with no access to a computer or printer. A surplus sticker is required for unneeded reagent chemicals. EPP can provide paper waste tags for the labelling of waste mixtures only when a computer and printer are not available. When using paper tags, the compliance burden rests solely on the waste generator.

The chemical waste pickup is typically completed within 10 working days of the request.

Other types of disposal

If you need to dispose of 100 or more items, EPP defines the pickup as a lab cleanout. There is a streamlined procedure for requesting disposal of these items, but cleanouts often take up to four weeks. For more information, see Lab Cleanout.

You can also donate surplus chemicals and receive free surplus chemicals.

For more information on the collection of batteries, compact fluorescent tubes, small electronics, and other universal wastes, see Universal Waste.

If you need EH&S to pick up and dispose of controlled substances, see Controlled Substances Disposal.

For pickup of radioactive waste, see Radioactive Waste Pickup Request.

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