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Lab Setup

Welcome to Stanford! Establishing a new laboratory can be an exciting and busy time. Your “to-do” list will include a number of health and safety tasks that must be completed before laboratory work can begin. EH&S staff will meet with you to go over your responsibilities and requirements as a PI at Stanford, provide you with resources to implement many of these tasks, and answer any questions that arise.

Prior to Arrival

  • Work with local departmental and school contacts for facilities needs (e.g., space, electrical, ventilation, seismic restraint).
  • Submit research protocols (if applicable).

When you Arrive

  • Schedule a meeting with EH&S to help navigate safety at Stanford.
  • Complete your own safety training in STARS, the system used at Stanford to provide and document online training. STARS can be found in Axess.
  • Set up the following laboratory management programs:
    • ChemTracker 4, the program used at Stanford for chemical inventory management.
    • BioRAFT, the program used at Stanford for general laboratory safety management (including self-inspections).
  • Determine training needs for staff/researchers using the Training Needs Assessment Tool.
  • Develop the lab-specific training that new members of your lab will receive.
  • Complete the Laboratory PPE Assessment Tool based on your anticipated laboratory procedures.
  • Purchase PPE based on the results of the Laboratory PPE Assessment Tool (talk to your department safety contact about obtaining lab coats and prescription inserts for safety glasses).

After Arrival

  • Appoint a Lab Safety Coordinator (a member of your laboratory who may take on some routine safety duties) and select safety tasks to delegate.
  • Write/review standard operating procedures (SOPs) for repeat and high-hazard operations.
  • Designate chemical storage areas.
  • Designate locations for chemical waste in your lab.
  • Purchase secondary containers for all hazardous materials and waste.
  • Request hazardous waste containers from EH&S.
  • Set up your lab continuity plan.

If Applicable:

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