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Secondary Containers

Place all liquid hazardous chemical waste in secondary containers. Secondary containers must be able to hold 110% of the volume of the primary container held within it. If more than one container is placed in a secondary container, then it must be able to hold 150% of the volume of the largest single container or 110% of the combined volume of every container, whichever is greater. Search for the size and volume you need with vendors like Fisher Scientific, CP Lab Safety, and Scientific Plastics.

For products by Fisher, check SmartMart for Stanford discounted pricing. To order trays or see the discounted price,
1. Log into the Stanford iProcurement Page
2. Click on the SmartMart Icon (box) and choose Fisher Scientific from punch-out suppliers
3. Search the catalog number in the Search Bar
4. Select “add to cart”

Visit the oncampus Fisher Scientific Store to see available containers in person:
Lorry Lokey Chemistry Building
Room #168
337 Campus Drive
(650) 723-1278

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