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Computer Workstation Ergonomics Fund Program

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Last updated: April 14, 2023
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To encourage departments to engage in a more proactive role in preventing ergonomic injuries within their areas, EH&S and Risk Management have collaborated in developing and offering the Ergonomic Equipment Reimbursement Fund Program.

How to Use

Local administrative personnel should complete the Computer Workstation Ergonomic Equipment Reimbursement Fund form for employees who have completed EHS-3400 training (live or in STARS) and the computer workstation self-assessment who have purchased our approved ergonomics equipment (e.g., keyboards, chairs, etc). This form allows for the reimbursement of 50% of equipment costs, up to a maximum reimbursement of $300 per employee over the course of their employment.


  1. Complete EHS-3400 Computer Workstation Ergonomics training (live or web-based in STARS)
  2. Complete the Computer Workstation Self-Assessment Tool
  3. Refer to the Computer Ergonomics Product List for options that quality for partial reimbursement
  4. Obtain manager approval prior to ordering equipment
  5. Order equipment per catalog’s instructions following departmental ordering procedures. After the ergonomic equipment is purchased initiate an iJournal transfer. Debit the ergo PTA: 1026392-100-AABAS with the Partial Reimbursement Amount, and credit your department PTA for the partial reimbursement amount. Expenditure codes: 55116 – computer equipment, 55110 – chairs and general office equipment.
  6. Complete and submit the reimbursement form and copies of invoices/receipts for purchases,
    ensuring that reimbursement form request amount does not exceed $300.

If you need help selecting equipment, please fill out the Request Ergonomic Services form.


Computer Reimbursement Fund FAQ

Q. Who qualifies for the Reimbursement Program?

A. Faculty, staff, graduate students, and post-docs that are employed by Stanford University and SLAC employees may use the fund for reimbursement up to $300 over the course of their employment.

Q. Can the Ergonomics Equipment Reimbursement fund be combined with the UHR Flexible Work Reimbursement for Home Office Equipment?
A. Yes, those with approved hybrid work arrangements who have not yet participated in the EH&S Ergonomics Equipment Reimbursement Fund program are eligible to apply for reimbursement of departmentally-purchased equipment used on campus and/or their home office. The EH&S Ergonomics Equipment Reimbursement Fund may be used in conjunction with the $250 department-funded allotment for hybrid workers.

Q. I have not completed the ergonomics training. What do I do?
A. Please visit Training at, register for Ergonomics: Computer Workstation (EHS 3400), and complete the course.

Q. It’s been a while…how can I determine if I have completed the ergonomics training?
A. Please visit Training at and select My Learning. Select the Training History tab to see your most recent date of completion for EHS-3400 training. This link will indicate if you have completed the training. Training completion date should be within the last two years.

Q. What is the computer workstation self-assessment?
A. The self-assessment can be either the printout at the end of the web-based ergonomics training or the self-assessment form available at

Q. Can I use equipment reimbursement funds for office wide purchases or multi-employee purchases?
A. No. This is an incentive program to encourage addressing ergonomic needs on an individual basis; so the program is not applicable for funding office-wide purchases.

Q. Can I use the fund for personal purchases of ergonomics equipment for my home or onsite office?
A. No. The fund may only be used for partial reimbursement of department purchases on behalf of an employee.

Q. What expenditure type should I use when creating the iJournal?
A. Expenditure codes: 55116 – computer equipment, 55110 – chairs and general office equipment.


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