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Office Moves

Moving to a new workstation may present concerns secondary to:

  • Manual material handling
    • Lifting/carrying equipment/supplies
  • Ergonomics
    • New equipment that an employee is not familiar with and does not know how to adjust
    • Equipment that does not adjust to meet employee’s needs
    • New issues such as workstation configuration

Prior to moving:

  1. Complete EHS-1400 (Online Safe Lifting / Back Care training). EH&S can also come on-site to your building to give an in-class training.
  2. While packing equipment and supplies, follow safe lifting practices outlined in EHS-1400. For additional information, visit the Safe Lifting tab

Post move:

  1. Complete EHS-3400 (online computer ergonomics training). EH&S can register for EHS-3400 in STARS
  2. Evaluate your workstation using our self-evaluation form.
  3. If an employee has questions or concerns after they have completed the training, they may request an on-site ergonomic evaluation.

Additional Office Move Resources:

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