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Office Ergonomics

  • Complete EHS-3400 (online computer workstation training) and use the self-evaluation form to ensure proper workstation set-up. If equipment is needed, reference the Pre-Approved Ergonomics Catalog.

    EHS -3400 training in STARS

    Try the Ergonomics Self Evaluation Form

    See Approved Ergonomic Equipment/Products

    Source: Wall Street Journal

    On-site Ergonomic Evaluation

    EH&S can provide an on-site ergonomic evaluation to help identify solutions to make your workstation more ergonomic.

    Once the training is complete, email with the following information:

    • Supervisor’s name and email
    • Office location
    • Availability for the upcoming week
    • Any additional information the Ergonomist should be aware of, i.e. pain or discomfort, furniture/equipment concerns

    NOTE: As with chairs, desks or other office furniture, sit-stand desks are purchases made at the discretion of the department. EH&S does NOT make recommendations in regards to the need for or the type of sit-stand workstations.

    The following pages may provide additional support:

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