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Safe Lifting Matching Fund Program

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Last updated: August 23, 2022
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The Safe Lifting/Handling Equipment Reimbursement Fund Program is intended to provide a training incentive in the form of up to 50% partial reimbursement for the purchase of approved equipment and workplace modifications that are designed to improve lifting/manual handling safety. (Note: The program is available until all of the program funds are exhausted.)

To apply for the program, please follow this process:

  1. Determine Eligibility
    Employee Status: The Safe Lifting/Handling Equipment Reimbursement Fund is available to Stanford University departments. For other reimbursement programs, see the Computer Workstation Ergonomics Equipment Reimbursement Form and Lab Ergonomics Matching Fund Program.
    Training: The supervisor and employees of a designated working group within the department must have the EH&S Back Care/Safe Lifting (EHS 1400) ergonomics training completed within the past 90 days. (Training documentation will be required as part of the reimbursement process.) A task-specific “tailgate training” can also be arranged for more detailed operations. Contact EH&S for upcoming training sessions or to schedule a training.
  2. Submit Application
    The group supervisor must complete this application and submit the form electronically to EH&S for approval prior to purchase. It is strongly recommended to consult with EH&S for product guidance prior to submitting the application (email).
  3. Funding Approval
    EH&S will determine the funding amount after the Safe Lifting/Handling application has been submitted. A response to the application will be provided via email to the group supervisor, including the approved fund amount and any provisions of approval.
  4. If approved, order the pre-approved items.
  5. Once all items have been received, initiate iJournal transfer: 
    Credit your account and GL with Equipment Reimbursement Fund Amount (above). Charge account: 1026392-100-AABAS. Route your supervisor/business manager and Janice Chiavetta for approval.
  6. Submit paperwork to EH&S:
    Send (1) this completed form and (2) copy of requisition to Janice Chiavetta, EH&S, via ID mail (mail code 8007), fax (650) 725-1472, or email.
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