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Cleaning and Disinfection

This page provides instructions for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Stanford is committed to maintaining a healthy and safe workplace. Given the level of community spread in the county and broader Bay Area, we expect COVID-19 cases to occur on campus. The university is taking steps to isolate these cases and track and test their high-risk close contacts. Cleaning and disinfection methods align with guidelines published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

University Buildings

The university has a routine custodial cleaning and disinfection cadence for all Stanford buildings. Contact the local building manager or facilities management team for details regarding janitorial services for specific buildings.

Personal and Shared Workspaces

Departments, units, and individuals may augment routine cleaning, by disinfecting commonly touched surfaces in individual or shared spaces, this includes lab benches, lab equipment, desks, phones, remote controls, printers, fax machines, computer mouses, and keyboards.

Please reference the following tip sheets:

Safe Practices when Disinfecting Surfaces

Always use cleaning products as recommended on manufacturer labels.

Wear disposable gloves and eye protection when disinfecting surfaces, and ensure the area has good ventilation. If the area does not have good ventilation, disinfect and leave the area until the surfaces have dried. Discard gloves after each cleaning and clean hands immediately.

Using paper towels, first clean dirty surfaces with a detergent or soap and water, then carefully apply disinfectant and wipe to evenly distribute the disinfectant. Avoid spraying disinfectant on surfaces to prevent the creation of aerosols. Allow surfaces to air dry. Discard paper towels and disinfection wipes into the regular trash.

For questions related to Stanford’s response to COVID-19 or other health concerns, please fill out this EH&S Health Guidance form.

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