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Potential Exposure Building List

The table below contains the list of buildings where an individual visited within the last two weeks who either had:

  • Tested positive for or had been diagnosed with COVID-19, or
  • Been ordered to isolate by a public health official due to COVID-19

This table is updated nightly, so updates are not real-time or immediately refreshed. This table replaces email notifications previously sent to building occupants by local units.

We encourage you to keep in mind several things about the table below:

  • Being in a building where a COVID-positive person has been present does not mean you have been exposed. Individuals identified as high-risk close contacts are separately notified and given guidance
  • One person can visit many buildings in the course of a day. If 10 buildings are listed for a given date, this does not mean that 10 different COVID-positive individuals were on campus on that date. For the latest case numbers in our university community, please see the COVID-19 Dashboards
  • Stanford University has a high rate of vaccination in our community. Vaccination against COVID-19 is one of the most effective ways to prevent severe illness and hospitalization. For more information on the university’s vaccination policy and access to the vaccine, click here.


COVID-Related Benefits and Resources
  1. Please be advised that employees may be eligible for COVID-19 related benefits under certain circumstances, including, but not limited to:

    Postdoctoral scholars should reference Postdoctoral Scholars Policies for information about time off and other benefits.

COVID Cleaning and Disinfection Plan
  1. Stanford is committed to maintaining a healthy and safe workplace. Given the level of community spread in the county and broader Bay Area, we expect COVID-19 cases to occur on campus. Please refer to the COVID Cleaning and Disinfection Plan webpage for information on cleaning and disinfection at Stanford

Anti-Retaliation and Antidiscrimination
  1. As a reminder, it is a violation of Stanford policy to discriminate or retaliate against anyone for disclosing a positive COVID-19 test or diagnosis or order to quarantine or isolate, for utilizing any of the COVID-19 benefits described above, or for raising any related concerns in good faith.

    We understand that knowing of your potential exposure can raise questions and concerns. Please do not hesitate to contact your supervisor or Human Resources Manager for any questions.

For questions related to Stanford’s response to COVID-19 or other health concerns, please fill out this EH&S Health Guidance form.

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